Diamond balls

Diamond-coated high-precision balls


Exactly? Highest precision!


Our diamond-coated high-precision balls are perfect for the most demanding applications. They are currently used in coordinate measuring systems, but can also be used in lubrication-free ball bearings. Thanks to the excellent properties of the diamond coating, there is hardly any wear and no smearing, resulting in an absolutely reliable measurement result.

 Klassifiziert gemäss DIN 5401, Spez. 2002-08, entsprechen unsere diamant­beschichteten Kugeln allerhöchsten Anforderungen. 

Our standard balls are available with or without a brazed-on carbide shaft in sizes between 1 mm and 8 mm.

Diamond balls

Diamond balls

Item no. / Ø / quality, grade:

  • B.D1.05G05 / 1.05 mm / G5
  • B.D2.05G05 / 2.05 mm / G5
  • B.D3.05G05 / 3.05 mm / G5
  • B.D4.05G05 / 4.05 mm / G5
  • B.D5.05G05 / 5.05 mm / G5
  • B.D8.05G10 / 8.05 mm / G10

Other sizes

Special sizes are also available on request. Prices are available on request.