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Made in Germany

❯ Diamond from Bayern
❯ Own production
❯ Year founded: 1999
❯ CEO: Dr.-Ing. Peter Gluche
❯ Company in Neu-Ulm, DE
❯ Diamaze in Neuchâtel, CH
❯ Many technology patents
❯ Training company

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Plasma sharpening of diamond

The most important products include diamond-coated blades with plasma-sharpened cutting edges and the plasma­sharpening of diamond-coated tools. We also produce high-precision diamond balls and extremely sharp scalpel blades for eye surgery.

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Global leading provider

GFD develops and produces diamond-based products and is the world's leading provider of diamond micro technology. Our products have outstanding properties what leads to increases in efficiency and cost savings. Technology Patents protect our developments.


GFD develops and produces diamond-based products and is the world’s leading supplier of diamond microtechnology.

We are a world leader in the production of diamond micro components and in the manufacture of diamond-coated and plasma-sharpened cutting / plotter blades and tools.

We also produce diamond-coated high-precision spheres for the metrology sector and scalpel blades for eye surgery.

But we are also breaking new ground. We implement your creative ideas together with our technology. See Research & Services.


  • GFD is one of the world’s leading companies in the microtechnological development and manufacture of diamond products and components.
  • The aim is to further expand its market leadership and provide comprehensive customer support in the field of diamond cutting and diamond microtechnology.
  • The focus is on the sharpening of diamond-coated carbide blades and the manufacture of diamond micro-components.
  • The outstanding material properties of diamond, used individually or in combination, enable applications that, as far as we know today, cannot be realized with any other material system.
  • GFD is optimizing the technology for processing diamond coatings to make diamond available and usable as a material for a wide range of different applications.
  • The use of diamond is economically interesting for compact components and products that are exposed to extreme loads or where high demands are placed on service life and reliability. The production and miniaturization of these parts requires the use of microtechnological processes.
  • To ensure the high quality of our developments and products, GFD works according to strict quality assurance guidelines and clearly structured processes.
  • Our developments are protected by a whole series of patents.

Quality assurance

GFD has implemented an extensive process-oriented quality assurance system. This integrates all areas of the company so that processes can be designed efficiently and clearly. Intensive quality control of the end and intermediate products plays a particularly important role here. The complete documentation enables immediate traceability. Only flawless products that have been checked several times are delivered. Continuous improvements help to maintain and further develop the standard achieved.

From start-up to leading company in 20 years

Gesellschaft für Diamantprodukte mbH was founded in 1999. Dr.-Ing. Peter Gluche , today’s managing partner, was already a founding member.

Originally a spin-off of the University of Ulm and the Daimler Research Center in the Science Park Ulm, the company has since established itself and moved its headquarters to Neu-Ulm in 2018. Not only an important step towards independence, but above all an important step towards increasing production capacities.

GFD develops and produces diamond-based products and has established itself as the world’s leading supplier of diamond microtechnology. GFD currently employs 20 people and is a training company.



  • Merckle Research Prize 1997
  • Award Gründerland Baden Württemberg 1999
  • StartUp national winner 1998
  • Leonhard Klein Prize 2000
  • VDI Prize for Innovative Materials Applications 2004

Our subsidiary in Switzerland

Diamaze Microtechnology SA manufactures micromechanical components for wristwatches. These consist of diamond-coated components or pure diamond. These ultra-precise and high-quality microcomponents are mainly used in luxury watches.