It actually started with a technical error


News, GFD, 2000. ➜ Our spin-off actually started with a technical error. The University of Ulm and Daimler were working on microelectronic components made of diamond at the time.

Instead of a straight edge, an angled edge was accidentally etched into a diamond layer. At the same time, the University Eye Clinic asked us whether we could coat a metal scalpel with diamond. The unintentionally obliquely etched edge gave us the idea of using semiconductor technology to manufacture macroscopic components such as scalpels. Our spin-off was co-financed by the Gründerverbund, among others. We still work closely with the university’s Institute for Micro and Nanomaterials.

We carry out joint research projects – one current one is on infrared spectroscopy – or support the university in upgrading its research facilities.”

Source: University of Ulm, 2000,
Dr. Peter Gluche, Cooperation Award Winner Science-Business 2000